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How To Treat Depression Naturally

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Depression is a common mental disorder that presents with some or all of the following symptoms: a depressed mood, a loss of interest in things that once brought pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep patterns, changes in appetite, a lack of energy, and poor concentration. 

Treating depression doesn’t have to mean hours of counseling or days fueled by pills. Those ways can be effective, but you may prefer natural methods to boost your mood. Many of these treatments are safe, but aren’t always proven to be effective.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is common worldwide, affecting about 121 million people. In many patients, depression can be successfully treated with a variety of naturopathic and holistic options, such as dietary changes, dietary supplements, exercise, massage, herbs, and sunlight.

Following are tips that can help you feel better:

1. Exercise

Researchers at Duke University found that 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise three times a week was as effective at relieving symptoms of depression in the short term as antidepressant medication.

The study also found that depression was less likely to return in people who continued to exercise after the initial trial.

Exercise has a number of beneficial physiological effects that make it ideal for treating depression. Physical activity should last at least 20 minutes a session for at least 10 weeks in order to help improve psychological well-being.

woman girl silhouette jogger
Aerobic activities such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and dancing tend to be the most effective for treating depression.

2. Maintain a Daily Routine

Sticking to a regular routine as much as possible is important for people who are battling depression, according to Dr. Raskin. “Whatever activities you decide to engage in, try to do them at the same time every day,” he says. “A routine – anything from jogging and shopping to doing the dishes – helps you avoid the stay-in-the-house-in-your-pajamas syndrome, which can make things worse.

A routine demonstrates to you and to others that if you are capable of getting through the day, you are capable of recovery.


Possibly the most effective way to keep depression at bay is to decrease inflammation and support your nutrient levels with a nutrient-dense diet. Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. 

Eating real foods can be transformative. Here’s a list of the Whole Foods that should be part of your diet to prevent and treat depression.

  • Omega 3 foods
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Probiotic foods
  • Lean protein
  • Adaptogen herbs

4. Enjoy Life

Find some fun things that work for you, yet keep it simple so that you don’t aggravate by adding too much stress. Having fun while managing depression can be simply reading a book or a magazine outside your house or listening to your favorite band’s music. Invite a friend or relatives over a healthy snack by enjoying their companionship.

Start by choosing an activity you enjoy. Go on a trip or a concert with a friend or loved ones. Enjoy life and have fun. I know this is hard sometimes but it’s worth the effort. Don’t allow depression to hold you back from enjoying life and having fun like you deserve.

5. Meditate

Meditation helps us to become more aware of what’s happening around us. It also allows us to discover all those deep-seated emotions lingering within us. They could be anger, stress, anxiety or worry.

woman sitting on brown stone near green leaf trees at daytime

After getting a better understanding of ourselves, we’re able to fully accept ourselves for who we truly are. We live in the moment, enjoying the beauty of nature and our surrounding. We also learn to be compassionate with others – a beautiful trait that’s quite elusive to harness.

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