How To Dissolve Negative Thoughts, Energy & Emotions

The first step to begin dissolving negative thoughts and energies and emotions is to start by telling yourself  I accept this.  I excepted this emotions here and I accept it.  Immediately you’re going to start to smile and feel happier  just like a switch was turned on . That’s the power of acceptance and dissolving negative emotions and thoughts . There can be no negativity where there is acceptance .

Anything that you are experiencingmand you do not want to experience, accept it.  There once was a famous Chinese zen master his name was LIN CHI. H e used to love to sit out on a boat and enjoy the waters, but one night a big boat crashed into him and BOOM awoke him and Threw Lin Chi to the ground.  He was so furious and in rage and was about to scream and yell at the person that crashed into him but when he approved the boat he realized no one was in the boat. The boat was just drifting down stream and it smashed into him. Absolutely no one was in it. He was ready to project all the rage onto someone else but because no one was there the rage shoot back inward at him and he realized it was all from himself. Then after that moment when anyone had him angry he told himself this boat is empty too.

Here is an Incredible meditation that will get you on track to eliminating negative thoughts and energy.  Basically whenever you are feeling a negative emotion you have to bring awareness to what it is you are feeling. You have Tom go within so close your eyes and start by taking deep conscious breaths and try to feel where the source of that emotion is coming from. Try to go within yourself really feel the emotion and pin point the source energetically where it’s coming from. You are probably going to notice it somewhere in your abdomen but where ever you feel it trace it’s to then source. bring awareness to it and bring attention to the source.

Just  remember you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beauty of  happiness and love  peace freedom and  fulfillment  unless you’ve experienced the opposite .

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